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Is anxiety driving you crazy?

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You’ve tried SO many things to stop the anxiety, rise up from depression, or let go of the shame, but nothing seems to work.

You feel better for a little while, until life triggers you back into the same old emotional patterns that you know don’t serve you.

You may be thinking to yourself:  What the hell?!?  Why can’t I stop feeling this way?

Shouldn’t you be able to out-think this?  Maybe talk yourself out of the cycle?  Is there something wrong with you that makes your brain keep dragging you back?

Oh honey, no.

My name is Jessica, and I’m here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you.

For more about me and my story, come on over and find out  Why I Care

For more about me and my story, come on over and find out Why I Care

I help people like you every day, and I can tell you without a doubt that while you are a self-aware, intelligent human being, you are also an emotional being, and sometimes, those emotions get stuck in harmful patterns that feel almost impossible to control.

Most approaches to emotions rely on rationalizing your way out of our feelings, and tell you that “it’s all in your head.”   The mind loves this, because of course it wants to be in charge!

But emotions don’t play by those rules.

Scientific research shows that our emotions serve a vital purpose, and are hard-wired into our biology.  So if they are going haywire, it will take more than positive thinking to change things.

Each of us has the innate ability to heal and transform our emotional lives.  All it takes is an understanding of what’s really going on, and effective tools to shift the emotional dynamics at play.

And that’s precisely what I am here to provide.

I searched far and wide for such tools in my own quest for emotional healing.  I found many things that claimed to resolve emotional problems, and very little that could actually deliver on what was promised.

But luckily, that wasn’t all I found.

I was fortunate to avoid spinning my wheels for years (or decades!) by stumbling across two amazing healers and teachers, who helped me transform my entire emotional life.

After 6 years of putting what I had learned into practice, I found my heart’s calling in assisting others in their own journey of emotional healing, and decided to become licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® trainer and consultant.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that you can’t stop your emotions… but you also don’t need to!  Whether they are guiding you in the present or lighting the way to past wounds that need healing, it is through your own innate emotional genius that you can achieve lasting change.  

Your heart contains the key.  You simply need a guide to help you find it.