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Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident with their emotions.



Life is fascinating.  It can give you the highest of highs, but also send you spiraling down towards the worst of the lows.  The emotions you experience daily are complex and ever-changing.  There’s a lot of depth to this world, but it doesn’t always feel like rainbows and butterflies – and I get that.

Life can feel completely overwhelming. 

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night filled with anxiety.  You struggle to fight back feelings of anger or resentment throughout the day.  And you might even find yourself so frustrated with the world that you hide away feeling shameful and depressed.

This type of deep-rooted pain might make you feel like something is wrong with you. 

But if you’re living with anxiety, depression, shame, fear, or anger, you’re not alone.  Millions of people have felt the emotions you’re battling now.

The people who live a life of happiness today didn’t just have it handed to them.  And they aren’t the ones who’ve tried to bury their emotions with the aid of therapy, or who’ve spent countless hours meditating or medicating.  Believe me, I know this from personal experience.

Hi, I’m Jessica Moore.


I used to believe that emotions were obstacles that needed to be overcome with logic and rationality.

My biggest role model growing up was Data, the android on Star Trek.

As a child I learned to retreat into my mind and use it to control what my heart was feeling.  Mind over matter, right?  And it worked!  At least on the surface.

This served me well for years, until one day my repressed feelings blew up in my face (along with my whole life), and taught me the hard lesson that I wasn’t mastering my emotions by denying them… I was simply disconnecting from my heart.

I had always thought I was so mature and emotionally intelligent, but as I let my emotions back in, I slowly came to realize that this was NOT the case.  Instead of mastering them, I’d merely numbed them out, causing even more struggle and strife in the long run.  

I was forced to accept that trying to change emotions with the mind just doesn’t work.

And yet that’s what almost all methods of emotional healing try to do.

Trying to bypass the emotions by changing what you’re thinking is what almost all approaches rely on, but that was my problem.

If I wanted to be a fully-feeling AND emotionally-intelligent person, I needed to find a different approach – one that actually involved feeling.


I began studying with Christina Pratt, and found a very grounded and wise teacher of emotional intimacy as well as shamanic healing.

From her I learned a powerful way to heal past emotional wounds, by tracking them back to their source and bringing resolution to those wounded moments, once and for all.

I began to see how even my most problematic emotions could actually become my allies, and serve me instead of running my life completely off the rails.

IF I was willing to feel them.

But for me, feeling my emotions wasn’t enough...my logical brain wanted to UNDERSTAND them:  how they worked, and why I was feeling what I was feeling.

I’ve always been fascinated by human nature, the energetics of things, and what is needed for health and healing.  In recent years I’ve discovered in myself a unique ability to uncover the intricacies of the human psyche, puzzling out the patterns and hidden drivers of human behavior.  

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This passion and realization led me to train in Dynamic Emotional Integration (DEI), a comprehensive model of 17 emotions rooted in research on empathy, emotions, and neuroscience.  Today, I am only one of twenty licensed DEI trainers and consultants in the world.  

DEI gave me an effective way of working with emotions in my daily life, and my 6 years of shamanic training gave me an effective way of healing the emotional wounds from my past.  And between the two of them, the rift between my mind and heart was healed.

It Can Work For You Too.

If you’ve gotten this far, I know your emotions are causing you great difficulty.  My mission is to change that for you.

DEI taught me that all parts of your psyche have a valuable purpose.  The emotions you’re feeling?  They’re useful.  They’re powerful.  And they all have vital messages to share with you.

I firmly believe that as humans, we need to be fully connected to our feelings to be healthy, whole individuals. But this will only happen if we welcome all of our emotions into our life and choose to work with them in intelligent and productive ways.

Together we’ll put an end to the cycle you’re stuck in by discovering why you’re feeling what you’re feeling, and what you can do to shift your emotional life in a way that truly lasts

Schedule your free Emotional Breakthrough session and discover how your emotions can become the true allies they were always meant to be.


A Little More About My World

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I was born and raised outside of Seattle and grew up surrounded by woods and horses.  This immersion in nature inspired me to study the natural sciences in college and I graduated with a degree in Forest Ecology and Conservation, with an added focus on Restoration Ecology.

After college, I grew even closer to nature by studying wilderness, survival, and Apache-style scouting at the Tracker School.  There I began to relearn the old ways of living in harmony with the Earth, which continues to be a huge passion for me.

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Today, I live in the  New Age capital of the world, Sedona, Arizona.  I love the beauty and majesty of the red rocks, and being surrounded by woo-woo gives me endless motivation to advocate for true emotional healing.  

I express this passion through my blog Healing Through Feeling, which educates about spiritual bypass and promotes grounded, mature, and effective ways of achieving healing and transformation.

I give my emotions a regular workout by volunteering with the Arizona Crisis Team, a non-profit that provides assistance to people who have been impacted by a life-changing crisis, such as a house fire or the death of a family member.  We all deserve support in times of emotional difficulty!