Jessica Moore

emotion consultant ~ Shamanic practitioner


My Bio:

Jessica Moore is an emotion whisperer who helps people transform their emotional lives.  She lives in Sedona, Arizona, and being surrounded by the New Age has made her a staunch advocate for grounded and effective methods of healing and transformation.  Her love for wild nature first led her to a Bachelors of Science in Forest Ecology, and then into years of wilderness skills studies at the Tracker School.  These were stepping stones in a lifelong quest to discover how we can become better humans in the world, which has culminated in 6 years of shamanic practice and becoming licensed in a research-based model of emotions called Dynamic Emotional Integration® (DEI).  Her passion for personal growth and empowerment fuels her learning and teaching.

Why I Chose Dynamic Emotional Integration® (DEI): 

As a child I learned to exile my emotions, and DEI has been an integral part of my journey to reclaim my emotional life and my innate ability to empathize.  I have learned through experience how essential emotions and empathy are, for us to reach our full potential and create the world that we want to live in.  For more about my story, click here.

My Core Message:  

Rather than trying to change how we feel by thinking a certain way, I believe that true emotional healing results from engaging with our feelings, to discover why we feel what we do and what actions our emotions are calling for.  I feel passionately that we shouldn't have to struggle in our emotional lives, and my mission is to help others step out of that struggle by connecting to their innate emotional intelligence and ability to heal.


what I can speak about:

  • The true purpose of each of our emotions, and the social, energetic, and practical functions they are meant to serve.

  • The primary reasons why our emotions go awry and begin causing problems in our lives.

  • Practical and easy ways to work intelligently with our emotions, to resolve emotional problems and bring them back into balance.

  • Why we get our "buttons pushed" and what we can do about it, to never get triggered in the same way again.

  • What it takes to truly heal and move on, and the single biggest thing that holds us back.

  • My experience of healing from lifelong emotional repression, and my journey to reclaim my innate ability to connect and empathize with others.

my free gift for your audience:

In addition to what I share in my talk or interview, I would love to gift your audience with a free 13-page guide to Unlocking Your Emotional Genius.  In this guide they will identify your current emotional strengths and challenges (with a quiz!), discover the true purpose of each of the 17 emotions, and learn the 5 key skills for intelligently working with their emotions.  You can download it here, to check it out and make sure it is worthy of your audience.

my credentials:

I am a licensed trainer and consultant in Dynamic Emotional Integration®, a model of emotions and empathy that is grounded in the latest research in the fields of empathy and neuroscience.  I am now one of less than 20 licensed DEI consultants in the world.  Unlike many other healing modalities that only require a couple weekend workshops to become certified, DEI licensing requires over a year of schooling, including the examination of case studies and current scientific research.

I have extensive experience with a psycho-shamanic practice of emotional healing, taught by Christina Pratt at the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing, that clears emotional triggers by healing the moments in our past that are still unresolved for us.  In addition to doing this practice of self-healing on my own for the past 6 years, I've supported and mentored others on weekly group calls with my shamanic community.

how to contact me:

(206) 354-4604