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Wouldn’t you love to be free from anxiety and self-criticism, so you could simply enjoy life?



Aaaah, just think of it.

In this delicious future, you’d be able to make decisions with courage and confidence, and live a life of passion and purpose.

Imagine that you could truly let go of the past, and look forward to the future with hope and excitement.

You’d be able to love and accept yourself, without caring what anyone else thinks.

Your emotions would flow through you with ease, and there would be no more inner struggle.  

But you’re not there yet.  

Right now, the struggle happens just about every day.

Your emotions seem to run your life, and you have to resort to distractions and things that numb you out, just to get a break from them.

They feel overwhelming, and nothing you do to change them seems to work.

You’ve tried meditation and various healing techniques, you’ve done therapy and counseling… hell, you’ve even tried things you’d never have considered if your emotions weren’t so damn intolerable.

It probably seems impossible, but what if I told you that you could have a robust emotional life while being comfortable with everything you feel?

For more about me and my story, come on over and find out  Why I Care

For more about me and my story, come on over and find out Why I Care

You can.

I spent most of my life repressing my emotions as a coping strategy, and when I finally decided to let them back in, I was a mess.

But with repression no longer an option, I had to find another way of dealing with my emotions.  After wading through a bunch of crap (boy is it a mess out there!), eventually I found a method of achieving inner peace without shutting my emotions down.

I began to figure out what was going on with my emotions, and how I could get them to work for me instead of against me. 

In fact, I was so impressed with what I found - a comprehensive model of emotions firmly rooted in current research - that I decided to get trained in it.

In the process I learned something unexpected, something completely contrary to what everyone else seemed to be saying.  

Your emotions are always trying to serve you, even when it feels like the exact opposite is true.  

Even when they are causing major disruptions in your life!

Sometimes they seek to assist with your current situation, such as by setting boundaries or letting go of something that isn’t working for you anymore.

And sometimes your feelings are bringing up something in the past that needs to heal, especially when you get triggered into emotions that feel out of proportion to the present moment.

By figuring out what your unruly emotions are actually trying to do for you, they will begin to empower you instead of beating you down.  

And that is precisely what I want for you.


If you are wondering how this is different from therapy, or from all the fluffy and ineffective healing methods out there, this will make the difference clear.

Here’s how.

  • When you work with me, you'll receive an 87-page workbook to teach you the purpose and function of each of the 17 emotions.
  • We’ll figure out what the heck your emotions are doing, and why they are showing up in these challenging and problematic ways.
  • You will learn new ways of working with your emotions in your daily life and how to skillfully manage them in the moment.
  • I'll show you how to consciously complain and ethically gossip, to help you connect to what you’re authentically feeling and find solutions within yourself.
  • You’ll discover why artistic expression is so helpful in creating a healthy emotional life, and how to work with your emotions through things like movement, music, and journaling.

And that’s not all!

Whenever this doesn’t succeed in shifting an emotional dynamic, it is almost always because the emotions involved are rooted in unhealed wounds from the past.

To resolve the biggest emotional triggers getting in your way, I’ll guide you back into these unresolved moments and help you to heal them within yourself, so that you won’t ever be triggered back into them again.

And in the process, you will gain the ability to engage with whatever you may find in your inner landscape, and to show up for the wounded parts of yourself as a true archetypal Healer.

Both of these tools are deeply empowering, because the healing is not being done TO you by someone else, but is coming from within yourself.

Your heart contains the answers, and you could simply go within to find the solutions you need.  But if it was that easy to do on your own, you would have had it all figured out by now!

Once we are shown the path, we can feel it within us and walk it ourselves… but most of us need a guide to light the way.

The model of emotions that I will share with you provides a more detailed road map to your inner world than anything else I’ve found, in years of searching.

Just like that (poof!), your emotions will no longer be a mystery to you, and you will gain the ability to navigate and breathe in the deep waters within you.


Right now you are probably thinking: “That sounds wonderful.  But is it right for me?”

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This is probably not your thing if:

  • you just want someone to talk to about what they are feeling (you will learn how to get that elsewhere in your life for free!)
  • you want temporary relief - simply feeling better in the moment - rather than lasting transformation.
  • you want a miracle cure to solve your emotional problems without having to actually feel anything.

This most certainly IS for you if:

  • you are ready for a serious change in your emotional life, and you are ready for it to happen NOW.
  • you understand that true emotional healing requires actually feeling your emotions, and you are willing to dive deep.
  • you want to find the solution within yourself, instead of relying on someone else to create change for you.
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If you still have questions, schedule an Emotional Breakthrough session with me and get a free taste of what I do.

Come gain insight into why your emotions are doing what they’re doing, and a clear path forward to a new emotional life.